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Getting Started at Kirkwood
Applying and beyond...

How to get started:

  1. Create a Kirkwood admissions account (even if you took Kirkwood classes in High School).
  2. Complete the Kirkwood Application (through your account).
  3. Complete the Next Steps after Applying
  4. Apply for Kirkwood Scholarships
    1. Scholarship Application Instructions
    2. Students should complete the FAFSA prior to Kirkwood Scholarships if not already done. It may be a requirement for some Kirkwood Scholarships.
      a. FAFSA form
      b. FAFSA Checklist
  5. Research Kirkwood Learning Services to see if you qualify.
    1. Learning Services include tutoring, transition support, and disability support.
    2. Kirkwood Learning Services
    3. Sign up for TRIO Educational Opportunity Center
      a. They can help graduating seniors complete applications, financial aid, and will continue to support students after graduation.